Overheard in the Dorm (Ed. 4)

After the students’ two-week spring break, the house is once again filled with the sounds of high school boys! This week in the Johnson LaBarberas’ dorm . . .

First student back in the dorm from break: “Where is he? Where is he?”

Me: “Who?”

Student: “Livy!”

Livy barks from the apartment.

Student: “He’s calling me!”


Student: “I’m gonna get Miss Sarah! Miss Sarah!”

I enter the common area.

Student: “Here she comes! You’re in for it now! I called THE WIFE!”


First student: “You didn’t say anything about my birthday.”

Second student: “Yes, I did. I ate chocolate with you, bro. That was me saying happy birthday.”


Student: “We’re eating dinner in the dorm on Saturday? I will be here! Even if Barack Obama was walking by on the street!”


Student: “What is this?”

Tim: “It’s body wash.”

Student: “But it says ‘restoring.’ What does that mean?”

Tim: “It means it’s restoring your inner beauty.”


Playing poker with the students, first round of betting.

First student: “Check.”

Second student: “Check.”

Third student: “Czech Republic.”


With two of our Chinese students.

Me: “What kind of tea should we have?”

First student: “I want the Enemies of China tea!”

Second student: “What’s that?”

Tim: “It’s a tea blend I made up using Taiwanese and Vietnamese teas.”

Second student: “Yeah. I want to taste the enemy.”


Student talking to Livy.

Student: “Who’s a good dog soup? Good dog soup.”